Keep Busy in the Cold




Hey everyone! So I don’t know about you all, but up in northern New Jersey it has officially gone freezing.  I’ve been hibernating inside as much as I possibly can the past few days and knowing that tomorrow will be just as cold, I plan to cozy up with a blanket and some tea! The first half of my day today, however was a calming manicure and pedicure to defrost my toes from the frostbitten weather.  I wore my neon high socks for a blast of color and my favorite cheetah wellies on the way there to block out the weather.  I was desperate for this being that I don’t get around to it too much while I’m living at school always making my hands messy with projects and lack of spare time to do it myself.  It was well worth it this morning, although my feet did feel like my toes might turn to ice in those flip flops.  I’m so impatient waiting for them to dry in the salon so I get in the car and blast the heat on them to keep myself from going numb.  Price of beauty right?

One other thing I enjoy doing recently inside away from the cold is flipping through a recent gift from Christmas, a book on the Louvre and works of art held within.  I am an art history minor along with a major in visual arts. (Specifically design as my concentration)

I actually have studied in abroad in Rome for art history so this is a subject I just genuinely enjoy sitting down and reading a little bit about to waste some time on a terrible weather day.  There’s something about the stories behind old works of art and all they can tell us that fascinates me. I haven’t been to Paris yet, however and would LOVE nothing more than to see the city, style it holds, and this amazing museum! From culture, to history art is something I just can’t seem to get away from in my life and I definitely don’t want to.  I also don’t mind relaxing and reliving some memories of Rome when I was there in the summer and beautiful sunshine!  That was one of the most life impacting experiences I’ve had thus far and I am so fortunate that I had that opportunity at a young age.  

I hope you all are keeping busy and warm while this cold front settles in!




Author: Eat Your Glitter

I am a fun-loving art, style and sparkle enthusiast.

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