On a Pink Streak



Hi all! As you all might know the cold weather has been harsh lately and can really drag down your spirits.  I try all I can to keep myself upbeat and running throughout the winter, knowing I am definitely team sunshine and summertime when it comes to climate.  So how does one brighten up a dull dark winter? Add some COLOR!  I’ve always wanted to play around with the hair trends and put something fun into my look and I figured why not now in these dark days, right?!

I went to the salon this morning with the intent of getting a dye job.  I was pretty much set on a light pink perfect hue, although it was not what I imagined.  My stylist had told me often the light pink will wash out and dull easily, so I was ready to settle for a deeper shade.  

While awaiting the color mix, another stylist suggested the solution of a bundle of colored hair extensions.  I thought about it for a moment because my heart was so set on a specific pink shade and it being MY hair for some reason, however as I thought about this option it seemed to be almost wayy better. Here’s what I learned from the salon on why:

– The extension’s color will not fade with washes! Unlike the dye that would most certainly only last utmost a week.  

– The extension can be removed at any time! For example, if there is an occasion I can’t have colored hair any longer it is soo much easier than re-dyeing the hair itself

– Also, the damage is WAY worse for my personal hair to dye it.  The process involves bleaching out the bundle and my hair being very thin and prone to breakage wouldn’t hold out very well or remain healthy with that process. 

So basically, I decided these bright magenta strands were perfect for me!  They brighten up any look with my favorite color especially when I’ll be feeling dreary on these chilly winter days.  I’m very pleased and excited to show off these new additions.  What will be next….would glitter extensions be pushing it I wonder?? 😉 

Hope you’re all staying cheerful and bright this winter!



ps- my camera hasn’t been working properly unfortunately so I apologize for the low resolution from my iphone’s camera! hopefully I’ll resolve this soon and be back to better quality shots! 


Author: Eat Your Glitter

I am a fun-loving art, style and sparkle enthusiast. www.eatyourglitter.wordpress.com

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