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Hey everyone So today was super awesome! My birthday was the beginning of December, but Jason had wanted to take me to see the amazing exhibition going on now at the Brooklyn Museum of Art as a celebration but we never really got around to it until now.  He also is headed back to school tomorrow where I stillhave a week left home, so it almost turned into a really nice last day together before he heads off and we go back to the LDR.  

Anyways, the exhibition is called Killer Heels.  It features amazing designers from Prada, to Alexander Mcqueen, legendary designer’s shoes that are truly artwork are on display.  Women can gain such an amazing feeling by wearing a good pair of shoes, I know I can! Sometimes when you slip on a pair that is just right to complete your outfit, you walk around working it, and can feel as if you just transformed into a badass female with the confidence of a VS runway model.

This exhibition featured sooo many amazing shoes! I chose a few of my favorites to display for you all.  Most of them I admit are Christian Louboutin. I just can’t help myself.  There’s something so fixating about that powerful red sole that gives you such a confident and empowering feeling.  What an iconic shoe it is with that beaming splash of color that represents so much more to women than a simple shoe.  

Another thing I found super coolin there was the pair of shoes that was all 3D printed!  As you can see in the pictures it is made of several parts laid out in front of it and the shoe is entirely printed together.  I don’t know how a 3D printer really works, truly it amazes me that we have such incredible technology at this day and age, but these shoes are cut out flawlessly and I would pop em on my own feet if I could! 

Lastly, of course we had some time to kill before we were heading out to dinner at one of our favorite sushi restaurants, so we explored some more of the museum and snapped a few fun photos!  I love exploring any museum, it is always one of my favorite days when I get the opportunity to.  I encourage everyone to go out and explore your local ones as well, there’s so much they hold even if you’re not a total art-geek like I can be sometimes!  

Hope you all love these shoes as much as I did and are inspired to get out and explore your local exhibitions!  Which ones are you’re favorites?!




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I am a fun-loving art, style and sparkle enthusiast.

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