Cooking Croissants in the City!




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Hey everyone! So today’s post isn’t focused on fashion but something else I have a deep love affair for…FOOD!!  My mom is a serious baking addict and I have always stood by her in the kitchen and lent a helping hand.  She is a food lover like so many of us are and passed on this gene to myself.  For a Christmas gift this year I decided to buy her a cooking class on how to make croissants from scratch!  I think a gift of spending a fun day together can sometimes be the best kind.  

We went into the city early this morning for the class and had an awesome time! There were only 3 other people attending plus us two so we got to ask some baking questions and get really hands on which was great!  We learned how to make the dough, the technique, and all about the method of these delicious treats!  It turns out they are much more work than we realize as we devour these tasty pastries.  My appreciation for  those who make bread and dough went wayy up today as I kneaded and kneaded for that perfect consistency.  

We were able to make 3 options with our dough.  A classic croissant with not filling, a ham and cheese filled savory option, and my favorite, chocolate filled!  We of course added some extra shinny sugar to the tops of these ones!

The class was a total of 3 hours, but it totally flew by and was so much fun!  Once baked, gooey and warm, my mom and I decided to grab a cup of tea and go and savor the freshly baked deliciousness before we brought the rest home to the house where they are sure to disappear fast!

My mom loved her day and can’t wait to look into further classes and expand our baking love!  We will be attempting the recipe at home shortly I’m sure!  

Happy, tasty food wishes and love to you all!




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