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Heyy everyone! Happy hump day!  So, today was my second full day of classes for the semester.  Since I am a visual art major I am taking mostly all studio classes.  They usually range from lasting 3 hours meeting twice a week or 6 hours long once a week, so it’s definitely a time commitment on top of completing all the projects and work.  It is all worth it in the end, however since I love what I do with art!

With that in mind, my days start pretty early in the morning and I’m out all day long.  I try not to let the early morning slump get to me with my outfit choices.  That plus the terrible cold can really change the idea of putting  on a real cute outfit and not a cozy pair of sweats…but I do my best to combat this temptation!

This morning I had my design class.  I chose to go basic and comfy.  I am wearing simple skinny grey jeans from Nordstrom’s BP department.  They were given to me as a hand me down from my mom so I can’t say when she bought these, but they are totally awesome.  They are comfortable all day long and the material is soft and lets me move easily in the studios.  I also paired it with this “wonderland” hoodie. This fell into my wardrobe also from my mom (lucky me! she’s about the same size as me when it comes to clothes and our style is similar. I don’t have a sister to share with so I’m thankful for a stylish mom around my home life!)  Our puppy, Maggie, had gotten a hold of one of the sleeves on this sweatshirt and torn a hole.  My mom handed it to me for some DIY emergency operations.  I placed a patch of flannel fabric in a blue shade over the hole  and stitched it up as good as new!  Now it is one of my favorite basics to throw on in a hurry.  I find it looks particularly cozy when a flannel button down is thrown on top of it for some layers.  This one is from Uniqlo a few years back and is actually from the men’s department! Flannels are PERFECT to buy from the men’s side of the store.  They are perfectly oversized, comfy and often cheaper!  I highly recommend glancing over there next time you’re on the lookout for a new one.  My booties were present of a Christmas past and the brand is Madden Girl, but I can’t say where they were purchased.  I like that these are not a combat boot–I never seemed to pull off that style very well and rock it just right.  These are a nice low height so my leg isn’t chopped up, and they are flat so I can move around fast and easy all day long.  I’m on my feet a whole lot in my classes so cute flats are a must have!

How do you all dress for your working and class days? Comment and share!!




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