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Heyy everyone!! First of all, I’m sorry my posts have been on the delayed side lately! I have been going crazy with school projects and classes the past week, but I plan to get organized and back on my routine so I can update this way more frequently.  Secondly, Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Although personally I’m most looking forward to watching the Puppy Bowl and dying over their adorable faces…that and the amazing food oportunity this day offers 😉

Anyway, as part of my work I’ve been busy trying to set up my blog for my personal art work! yay.  This is definetly long overdue so I just sat down and got it done the other night.  Please go check out my work on the page at Amanda J Art & Design!  Some of the pieces are super old and some a faily new.  I plan to keep updating the galleries on the pages, so if anyone has any interest in my work let me know!  I’d love to hear feedback and answer any questions you have!

Happy Super Bowl everyone!




Author: Eat Your Glitter

I am a fun-loving art, style and sparkle enthusiast.

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