Coral Color Feeling

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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Hey everyone!! So today I snapped a few photos on my rush to my morning class of my outfit. Honestly today’s look was one of those moments that happens to fall together last minuet. I usually like to plan an outfit in advance so I have ample time to prepare myself for my look and don’t waste my morning as to get every last second of sleep possible.

Anyway, this outfit came to be in a manner of simplicity. The base of my look is a simple black T-shirt and jeans and my oh so favorite black basic boots. One of my seriously all time BEST winter accessories is my black long best. This thing is awesome!! With the wool material it’s warm enough that I can layer it over practically anything for a chic wintery look and provides endless and endless options!! I got it at Gypsy Warrior a few years back so unfortunately it’s not in stock any longer.

My other jacket that I’ve layered under is another pieced I fell in instant love with when I found it. This is a coral leather jacket and it is absolutely perfect. That’s it. Perfect. The color is gorgeous, the fit is adorable and it looks great alone or layered. I think the color is something that is important to pop into a winter look these days when we all feel down and gloomy. Once I threw this on this morning I instantly felt better about heading out for my day! It’s crazy how simple things like color and clothing can make us feel so jittery and happy–or at least for me!

How are you all brightening up your winters??




Author: Eat Your Glitter

I am a fun-loving art, style and sparkle enthusiast.

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