Distressed Denim & a Cozy T-Shirt




Hey Everyone! Happy Summer! Or as the calender tells us it is….the weather around here the past few days has been anything but summer time fine.  Gloomly clouds and rainy skies have filled the air lately. With this kind of set up I figure it is appropriate to take advantage of the time I can to wear these distressed white skinnies!  As I finally have a day off from work and won’t be working with paint, it is a great day for me to break out some crisp clean whites! 

I paired these classics with another of my all time favorite go to shirts.  This shirt from Vans is SO COMFY. I am sure you all have that super soft-easy to wear-give me a hug type tshirt hiding in your closests. I’m here to tell you it is the BEST item to over-wear and rock all the time, es pecially on a day off from work or a weekend full of to-dos.  Nothing is better than running errands in a breathable cotton t-shirt that won’t give you none of that sass as you wait in that absurdly long Starbucks line for your mid-day pick me up.  

Enjoy your Thirsty Thursday everyone! It’s almost the weekend! 




Author: Eat Your Glitter

I am a fun-loving art, style and sparkle enthusiast. www.eatyourglitter.wordpress.com

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