Floral Slit Maxi





Hey everyone! How have you all been lately? Busy? Same. I have recently picked up an internship helping out a local boutique with social media (www.albaboutique.com check them out, they have spme grate things to shop!) on top of my part-time job so I have been running around like crazyy day &night…literally.  

With this kind of schedule I need types of clothing that are appropriate and stylish to wear to intern in the morning and then run immidiately like a mad woman to my job in the evening-night shift where I am positively going to get paint on some part of my body.  What could possibly be easier to wear than a maxi dress? Almost nothing.  This dress is from the brand O’Neill and a few seasons ago, so I don’t know if this exact style is still around anywhere.  However, I love this brand and others similar to it for the summer.  All the items are easy to wear and light weight for the heat. It doesn’t cling to the body as the summer humidity attempts to melt you away.  It pairs perfect with flip flops or sandals and makes a great all day outfit to run around in,whatever you may have on your agenda!

Hope you all are staying cool and having fun out there!




Author: Eat Your Glitter

I am a fun-loving art, style and sparkle enthusiast. www.eatyourglitter.wordpress.com

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