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Hey everyone! How’s you’re summer going? So I’m sure some of you recently celebrated the 4th of July! Whooh. Same. I don’t know about you all, but I’m in need of a serious holiday weekend detox. 
Anyway, previously if you keep up with my Instagram account I shared two looks that I am absolutely in love with! 

I first wore these outrageously neon joggers from Kore Boutique in Miami for a night out in the city! They were so comfortable all night while still had a super fun night life vibe! They also paired so well with my favorite slip ons that I’ve mentioned previously on the blog. I also had gotten some fresh renewed pink streaks so basically this outfit was beaming bright from head to toes. 

The second look is my classic American 4th of July attire! I am currently loving these denim short overalls! They have the perfect festive outfit without being too cliché red white and blue, yet still fit the American persona for the day. They are (coincidentally) also from Kore Boutique. 

How did you all dress for the 4th this weekend! I hope they were filled with fun, food, family, friends, and of course cocktails!




Author: Eat Your Glitter

I am a fun-loving art, style and sparkle enthusiast.

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