It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Season…





Hey everyone!  It’s finally full swing of fall and that means one thing…boot season! I don’t know about you all but this time of year is probably one of my favorite things if we are going to have no choice but to transition into chilly weather.  So naturally I’ve been on the hunt for those perfect pairs for the season.  Like many of you out there, I’m sure you have seen the coveted Stewart Weitzman about-the-knee and thigh-high suede dream shoes literally all over everyone’s feet for like, a year now.  Well,those aren’t exactly a price-range of a shoe that the average girl just trying to live her day in a cute way can handle.  With the inspiration in my mind, I hunted around for some boots that gave me a similar look and what I discovered is amazingg!!

These boots are by Ivanka Trump and they have literally saved my craving for suede.  I slid these on my feet and knew that these were the perfect pair.  The olive color is so pretty and fitting for this time of year, but is still neutral that I can mix it up with some other items.  (I can’t wait to experiment with outfits!)  

It’s the little things in life that make me happy, and finding the ideal boot is definitely one of them! 

What do you all think? What are you’re favorite boots of the season so far?




Author: Eat Your Glitter

I am a fun-loving art, style and sparkle enthusiast.

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