On The Real: What Happens to the Fashion?

Hey Everyone!  Welcome back to Eat Your Glitter!  If you’re new to the party, ✨Welcome Glitter shower for you! ✨

So Today I’m trying out a new segment for the blog called “On the Real”  For this, I’m here to break down some thoughts and particular mind pondering that sometimes we overlook, especially when it comes style!  And maybe you guys can join in the convo with your own insight!  Please do.

HERE—-> If you didn’t want to read the intro, I’m here to ask one question today:


The other day as I browsed my feed of style star bloggers, it got me thinking.  I noticed a fundamental element in which my personal life can not relate to.  No one is an outfit repeater!! HOW is this possible? Are they not human? Are they style Goddesses that dissolve fabric after wearing it ONE TIME?

To be fair, I completely understand the reasoning behind this, being that a style blogger’s entire job is to showcase new looks, keep their followers engaged and even represent a brand they are working with. But let’s bring this down into reality, their closets must be EXPLODING.  Where does it all go?!?!


Okay, so these are just 2 image examples, since I am sure you can all scroll through your Instagram feeds and see the point I’m making, but what kind of augmented reality is this?? Who has an endless closet with a clothing pattern that regenerates everyday?

I don’t know about you all, but even at an attempt to not repeat for a week or so, I’m tempted to reach for the comfort of my same black t-shirts and jean stash.

Call me lazy if you will but to that I say:


Image result for outfit repeater gif

If it isn’t broke why fix it, right?  Within our fashion fantasies of course we all dream of living the style lives of the elite influencers, but how realistic can this be?

For instance, if I like the way a dress looks, I’m definitely going to be rocking that dress on various occasions.  When it comes down to it, we define our style with our own point of view.  So even if you closet matches mine and looks like this:


Outfit repeating is normal.  Why should we hide it? Wear what you love, and what makes you feel like you!

If you have any gems of wisdom about the secret to style blogger’s, share a comment! If you just wanna chat, share a comment! And if you guys like this new type of post, lemme know and there will be more to come!




DIY Glitter Travel Mug!

Hey all! Okay I am super excited about the latest DIY!  It is super easy and you are going to love the results! Here we go: a DIY travel floating glittering mug! 

Who doesn’t need this in their life?  We’ve all been there in the morning, late, rushing, no time to sip your favorite caffeinated beverage.  So you have no choice but to take it along that drowsy commute.  You reach for a disposable paper cup with just as much dullness as the sleepy zombie persona of those who are non-morning people.  

Brighten up your morning (literally) with this DIY!



  • Glitter of your choice
  • Clear tacky glue
  • water
  • Travel mug with a removable inner cup (not sure if there is an official name for these, but they are found at a local craft store such as Michael’s!)

Let’s get started.

  1. Remove cup inside.
  2. Fill base of cup with water about 3/4 of the way that will fit your cup, this will take some experimentation so I recommend filling the water without glitter or glue to make sure your happy with the measurement.
  3. Add a bunch of tacky glue! This will take up the rest of the 1/4 of space needed but don’t stress about exact measuring, it’s adjustable!
  4. Get Glittery! Add you favorite mixture of glitter into the cup and stir vigorously with the water and glue!
  5. Insert travel mug inner piece into cup of glitter mixture.  **this WILL be messy, find a sink or outdoor setting!** You will loose some of your water mixture so there is room for the inner mug, but its totally alright!  It gives the glitter just enough space to be able to float and dance around!
  6. Screw on the inside mug super tight!! You won’t be opening this again, unless you have a desire to change the inside mixture.  
  7. Fill with your favorite morning beverage and get out there and sparkle!!


I am in love with my mug currently, and hope this DIY is helpful for you all! Let me know what you think!



Prints on the Prowl!

This pattern started with a hand-drawn custom cheetah pattern I designed myself, just to make sure it came out justtttt right!  If you have any specific colors in mind for variation, let me know & we can bring your colorful imagination to life!

These super fun cheetah printed items are all available to shop on my Print All Over Me shop!! Check it out + even more of them on there & my Official Website!! Also, keep staying updated with my instagram where I have some daily sparkle & fun for you!

Take a walk on the wild side,



Cheetah Chaser Neutral tshirt

Blush-toned Cheetah Clutch

Blush-toned Cheetah Clutch
Cheetah Chaser Charcoal Leggings
Cheetah Chaser Neutral Hoodie
Cheetah Chaser Charcoal Hoodie
Blush-toned Cheetah Sweatshirt
Cheetah Men’s Button Down


Round Up!

Hey everyone!! I know things have been a little slow on the blog posts, but if you follow my Instagram I’ve been trying to keep it pretty up to date.  I figure it’s about time for a brief round-up with 2016 now in full swing!

A few things that are exciting are cooking up in the Eat Your Glitter behind the scenes…  for one, I have become an ambassador for Mirina Collections!  This means good news for you all, because if you use my code ( amandaj ) on ntheir website you get 20% off the entire site as you shop away! You deserve to treat yo’ self. 😉

They have some amazing statement pieces which I am rocking in my NYE outfit! It was the perfect touch!  Thye have a lot more to explore also, so go check them out and use my code!

Also, keep following my Instagram page for more updates on how I’ll be wearing my necklace, as well as my usual daily life, ootd’s and much much more!

This upcoming year I am really striving to push Eat Your Glitter to really grow and be able to reach out and share so much with you all so please keep checking up here and on the official site as well as instagram.  I can’t wait to release more designs and items I have in mind!

I also am seeking to be available for freelance graphic design work, so if anyone is looking for a colorful, lively, sparkly and fun graphic designer shoot me an email!! I would love to collaborate, you don’t even need to use glitter.

email: amandaj@eatyourglitter.com

Hope you had happy, safe holidays and have a happy new year ahead!!



Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Top: Free People Intimates /  Necklace: Mirina Collections



Booties: Lucky Brand  / Vest: Gypsy Warrior

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset





How Clutch…

AHHH I am cranking out these designs!  I hope you all are enjoying these little designs I have created for sale via Print All Over Me.  I would love to get some feedback from you all about these or anything else you might have in mind! These designs are available directly from the print all over me site, but you can also go over to the site Eat Your Glitter to see even MORE fun things to shop that are NOT included in the Print All Over Me store and are strictly created for the Eat Your Glitter site.  



Enjoy these adorable clutches that are perfect for storing all kinds of fun tiny cute things in from make-up, wallets, hair accessories or just straight up loose glitter supplies (what…? Doesn’t everyone have that…?) Let me know what you guys think of them!!



2 New Tee’s!


“Pressure Creates Diamonds” T-shirt for those days when you are motivated AF and know when the going gets tough, you are tougher (aka you are all beautiful diamonds)IMG_0191

“Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.” A second take on this classic phrase that will motivate you all day when you are getting that shit DONE and being a boss lady of course.



Hey everyone!! Here’s a quick little update for you since I’ve been insanely busy as a student finishing my design and projects for finals, I figured I’d pop a little post up for you!

I am still working and striving for my dream of creating beautiful, fun, and unique items for you all to rock, and in this process I have decided not only to post my shirts on my own website (Eat Your Glitter) but as a part of an amazing site called Print All Over Me. They have so many amazing talented artists and designers creating new items all the time and I figured what a great way to start to share some of my designs! 

These two shirts are LIVE on the site, I linked it right above!

I hope you like what I’m starting to show you guys and as always if you do, please let me know and link back here or to Eat Your Glitter!





“I’m quite girly.”

Hey Everyone!! I  know it’s bee a while since we’ve caught up.  So I’ve been working super hard on a project for my Design class while being back in school. Our assignment is to design a 20 page book and I’m SO SO excited about this project, I might just even make this a monthly thing! It’s really interesting getting so many diverse answers from the public on personal style.  I decided for my book that I wanted to explore what people wear and why they wear it.  I decided to venture into NYC and ask some people a few questions about their outfits! I asked each stranger the same 5 questions after approaching them.  

  1. What are you wearing and why are you wearing that today?
  2. What do you like best about your look?
  3. If you could change anything about your look, what would you change?
  4. What influences your style?
  5. Describe your personal style in a few words.

People seem to be quite happy about having their looks photographed by a strange girl wandering around, so I figured it would be fun to share some of the looks on here!  I illustrated each image myself depending on the answers provided by each person.  It took A LOT of time and effort and it’s still a work in progress, so if you like these images PLEASE link it back to the blog or www.eatyourglitter.com

“In New York you’re asking ME about fashion!? –I especially love jackets!”
“I’m from Florida, so I like to dress beachy, like I could wear this at home.”


“This was cheap, Price is a big factor. I don’t like to spend a lot, but I like to look nice.”
“I feel like in New York you can wear fun stuff and not get judged!”
“Cheetah! I love animal prints!”


That’s all for now, if you like the idea of making this a monthly post, comment and let me know!  The book is still a work in progress, so I’ll update when it is finally put together! Have a happy weekend full of fun!



How to Fight Evil on Vacation


Okay fine, so it’s not a villain coming to rob your local bank, BUT it is a crule fate I’m sure many can relate to. I’m talking about those nasty, dirty, no good unwanted Vacation pounds we can somehow let ourselves slide into gaining while we sip away on margaritas and good times. Blissfully unaware of the fate at hand…. Have no FEAR. I’m here to share some of my favorite tips on how I combat these pesky pounds! 

While I’m away and at the beach, I often spend most of the time with my Mom, so she has definitely imprinted her fitness habits well. She’s one of those insanely into fitness and I’m thankful for it people. Although I can’t keep up with all her vigorous routines, I definitely have my own take on what she’s taught me, so keep on scrolling and I’ll let you in on the secrets! 


HERE it is, Amanda’s Healthy Vacation Tips: 

1. I’ll start with the main and holy grail of keeping in check while I’m away……WALKING.  WALK. EVERYWHERE. FORGET CARS ARE REAL. 

You do not have to be one of those people who decides all the sudden upon arrival to the beach that running is a great idea. If you have not been running in your routine regularly this is simply not going to be a fun past time for you.  This seems like a great thought to burn those cocktails off…. until you can’t breathe, and have pulled muscles, and shin splints and need a bucket of ice as a bed just to get to sleep the next day. 

Seriously, walking is an extremely great alternative. Walk to the store, walk down the beach, walk to dinner, walk your dogs, walk up stairs, WALK. Point being, you really have to keep active during your day to maintain calorie burn and making yourself use your feet instead of your car is a great solution! Even adding a bike ride in there if you’re into that sort of thing will be a great and fun way to see your surroundings while burning off last night’s rosés.

2. You do not have to eat out ALL the time. Especially if you are at the beach, or in a place where fresh food is easy.  I highly encourage going to a local fish market where the fish is literally caught like that day and grabbing a healthy dinner you can prepare! Making your own food if it is a weekday or even special weekend meal really helps watch what your eating while away. You know exactly what you put into the food this way and know exactly what your body will take away from earring it! Restaurants are known for those hidden extra calories, even when ordering a salad. (dressing must always be your side bitch. Not the main bitch. Bye bye high calorie ceasar) 

3. Which is my next point, if you do eat out at dinner don’t be shy about menu questions!! If you want to watch what you’re eating, it really helps to ask the waiter how something is prepared. Don’t be fooled by a fish sandwich mascarading around on the menu and end up with a breaded, fried greasy meal with fries on the side. If it comes with those suckers (damn they’re delicious) ask to have them not served with your meal or if the fish can be grilled! I know myself, if fries are in front of me I’m going to have to eat some, so say no, they’re only using you anyway, they’re like”you can’t eat just one,right?” God how needy. Bye Fry guys. 

4. Snack carefully! There are an insane amount of temptations around when you’re on a vacation. If you’re in a place with a kitchen and a fridge, load up on healthy snacks that will keep you satisfied when you’re feeling the urge to nibble. Apples, nuts, fruits, greens, the healthy list goes on! (currently I’m crushing on celery stalks with hummus& just a dash of hot sauce!!)  Fatty and sugary foods like greasy chips and sugary candy or funnel cake will leave you endlessly eating and overall unsatisfied leaving you to go for more food. Toe body will crash and your energy will plummet which is NOT what you want when you are trying to enjoy a fun getaway!

5. Okay so not exactly a tip but I figured this would help explain my points so here is a full Break down of my daily routine while I’m at the beach: 

8:00am: Wake up, I usually eat a yogurt (as pictured with banana🍌) with some fruit toppings or a handful of walnuts for crunch. I always drink black tea in the morning, I only treat myself to coffees on a weekend if I need extra boost! I also love to eat egg whites for breakfast. Protein packed and tastey. Just be sure not to overload them with butter 😦 I like them with tomatoes, avocado or spinach!

10:00am: I usually will take time to do a weighted toning routine to keep my muscle tone but I skip my cardio on vacations. ( due to all the walking!! That counts as cardio yay!) otherwise I always would! (Questions about my routine? Let me know!!)

12:00pm: I will probably have a handful of almonds or fruit if I’m hungry, my favorite snack right now are these Almonds by Diamond that come in a zillion flavors. The salt & vinegar are my weakness… But anyway then it’s time to go down to the beach!! Yay sunshine fun & salty air! ☀️🌊✨💃🏼

1:00pm: WALK WALK WALK yourself, allllll down the beach! We usually will take a quick paced walk down the beach for roughly 40-45 min or so. This is great for tanning your back if you hate lying on your tummy. See burning calories AND tanning!

2:00pm: Around now is usually lunch time! Lately I’ve been loving portabelow mushrooms stuffed with spinach & Parmesan. My mom and I will have something light like this when we are together. Others we enjoy include: Tuna (LIGHT on the mayo) and a few wheat thins, salad made at home(often she will make it without a dressing and it’s still so good, it’s all about finding flavors you love!) , hummus and carrot chips, ground chicken and peppers is a mixture we are loving right now!! Basically, anything with a little protein and nutrients to keep us satisfied but not over stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. Nothing oversized. (Sorry deli sandwich, no offense.) Essentially, don’t differ your meal plan completely just because you’re on vacation.  Stay true to your lifestyle! And then get back on that beach! 

3:30-4:00pm: I grab a small snack! Nuts, an apple, just a few bites of something SMALL to fill up and energize if I’m hungry. (BTW HYDRATE ALL DAY!!!! So important)

So now we WALK into town to do our errands on foot. This could be the food store, a shopping trip, sightseeing, anything just to move a bit. We get bored easily…it should be up to an hour on foot!

5:00-6:00pm: Depending on how long we took in town we’ll grab an iced tea, and we walk back home! It’s a solid 15 min walk at a fast pace. Then I shower the sand off from the day day before dinner.

7:00-8:00pm: If it’s a wine weekend night we eat some of the things I suggested in the tips (fish, shrimp is good, chicken, we try to stay light and yummy!) and have a few glasses of wine! (We don’t drink during the week usually at all Mon-Fri when I’m at home living or visiting from school, just special occasions and on vacations Thursday-Sunday) 

8:30-9:00pm: And after dinner, we stroll with our dogs. They need fresh air while the temperature is cool! But this helps us digest and move so win-win situation. 🐾

9:30-10:00pm: Depending on the night another glass of wine after the walk and then a movie or TV show to relax. Then I’m so exhausted I literally pass out. From all the walking of course. 

So that’s my personal vacation tips! I am NOT a fitness expert and I’m not certified, I’m working on my own body everyday. 🙂 

I follow a different routine when I’m at school so if you’re interested let me know!

I’m not a perfect fitness model of course, but I love to live a healthy & active lifestyle and I encourage anyone who wants to be that way to get out and get active! 

Let me know what you think!



Nike Favorites.


 Hey everyone! Happy Thirsty Thursday–almost the weekend and the start of Memorial Day Weekend! 

My summer start has been lazy and slow which is always nice, however I like to keep busy and get out of the house, and our dogs Lilly & Maggie love going for a nice walk to help take care of that. Even though Lilly is getting older and would prefer to simply cuddle some days, it’s good for her! 

Anyway, since I plan on working out usually later in my day I figure it’s easy to just throw on my work out gear and be prepared…one step closer to actually working out! 

Two of my favorite items are Nike Free style running sneakers and their work out leggings!! They are both insanely comfortable to move around in all day and during a hard work out! Highly recommend this brand for all your athletic needs. 

Time to get a nice walk and work out in before the holiday weekend! Hope you all have a great one! 



Art Miami New York Fair.



Antonio Marra -Side 2
Antonio Marra – Side 1
Mr. Brainwash





IMG_3836  IMG_3855 

Heyy everyone! Happy Friday!! I hope you’re all doing well! For all of you Art savy NYC locals, you may have known yesterday about these huge art fairs happeningaround the town.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my first (yay!) at the Art Miami New York Fair down on pier 94 as a VIP guest and it was soo awesome! 

Of course, the moring preparing for this event was to me,an imporatnt outfit choice day.  Duh. I wanted to look stylish, clean and have an art edge all at once.  I turned to white jeans automatically thinking they would give the right vibe for such an occasion.  It was a little chilly yesterday so a jacket was definitely in need and I know you might have seen this one before on me, but I can’t help myself.  The color is so perfect!! Plus I want to wear it as much as I can before we officially are in summer mode. The combination of leopard and coral makes my heart flutter. These two could possibly be my favotire things to wear…like ever. Aside from sparkles.  If those three are in one outfit its the trifecta of outfit heaven! 

There were SO MANY artists it was so overwhelming to strollthrough this huge space and stumble upon so many amazing works of art from so many talented people.  Being an art student myself, I must say the inspiration level was high.  One of my favorite artists there was Antonio Marra’s paintings.  Go check them out, SO cool. 

Anyway strolling through the various gallery areas with Jason, we were totally outnumbered by the socialite status of all the buyers, dealers and just plain ready to spend a pretty penny on a piece for themselves.   Never seeing an art fair for myself before and being acustomed to the gallery or museum scene, it was a transforamtion to see art in such a way that people saw the pieces as a part of everyday business and profit situation.  I guess they try to steer you away from that thinking in the art school and leave that to the business school goers. 

Overall, however I took my college lever art eye to the works and loved every moment of it!  It was a great way to expand my knowledge of whats out there for contemporary artists and what posibilities are held in the future.  There was also, to my delight, a large number of works that the artist involved GLITTER and sparkle! (eek!)  

If any of you are around the area I highly suggest you go check this out! More info here!  

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!