MDW Casual. 


Hey everyone! Happy Memorial Day! I hope you have all had a great weekend of barbecue classic American gatherings and fun! 

It was finally warm enough (for me) to wear short sleeves and shorts at night without feeling frozen to my bones, so I was super excited to break out my leather shorts for the occasion. Leather shorts are a complex clothing item, no? The material is not mid summer nights appropriate at all, however they give a perfect edgy and fun vibe to an outfit, so I say we try to take advantage of the small frame of time when they are the perfect item to wear! 

Paired with my favorite colors, this look was easy and bright for a nice dinner without being over dressed. 

The slip on flats are Steve Madden and they’re so comfy and easy to wear! They’re a many styles and colors of this shoe I highly suggest checking them out! 

Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day everyone! 




Nike Favorites.


 Hey everyone! Happy Thirsty Thursday–almost the weekend and the start of Memorial Day Weekend! 

My summer start has been lazy and slow which is always nice, however I like to keep busy and get out of the house, and our dogs Lilly & Maggie love going for a nice walk to help take care of that. Even though Lilly is getting older and would prefer to simply cuddle some days, it’s good for her! 

Anyway, since I plan on working out usually later in my day I figure it’s easy to just throw on my work out gear and be prepared…one step closer to actually working out! 

Two of my favorite items are Nike Free style running sneakers and their work out leggings!! They are both insanely comfortable to move around in all day and during a hard work out! Highly recommend this brand for all your athletic needs. 

Time to get a nice walk and work out in before the holiday weekend! Hope you all have a great one! 



Art Miami New York Fair.



Antonio Marra -Side 2
Antonio Marra – Side 1
Mr. Brainwash





IMG_3836  IMG_3855 

Heyy everyone! Happy Friday!! I hope you’re all doing well! For all of you Art savy NYC locals, you may have known yesterday about these huge art fairs happeningaround the town.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my first (yay!) at the Art Miami New York Fair down on pier 94 as a VIP guest and it was soo awesome! 

Of course, the moring preparing for this event was to me,an imporatnt outfit choice day.  Duh. I wanted to look stylish, clean and have an art edge all at once.  I turned to white jeans automatically thinking they would give the right vibe for such an occasion.  It was a little chilly yesterday so a jacket was definitely in need and I know you might have seen this one before on me, but I can’t help myself.  The color is so perfect!! Plus I want to wear it as much as I can before we officially are in summer mode. The combination of leopard and coral makes my heart flutter. These two could possibly be my favotire things to wear…like ever. Aside from sparkles.  If those three are in one outfit its the trifecta of outfit heaven! 

There were SO MANY artists it was so overwhelming to strollthrough this huge space and stumble upon so many amazing works of art from so many talented people.  Being an art student myself, I must say the inspiration level was high.  One of my favorite artists there was Antonio Marra’s paintings.  Go check them out, SO cool. 

Anyway strolling through the various gallery areas with Jason, we were totally outnumbered by the socialite status of all the buyers, dealers and just plain ready to spend a pretty penny on a piece for themselves.   Never seeing an art fair for myself before and being acustomed to the gallery or museum scene, it was a transforamtion to see art in such a way that people saw the pieces as a part of everyday business and profit situation.  I guess they try to steer you away from that thinking in the art school and leave that to the business school goers. 

Overall, however I took my college lever art eye to the works and loved every moment of it!  It was a great way to expand my knowledge of whats out there for contemporary artists and what posibilities are held in the future.  There was also, to my delight, a large number of works that the artist involved GLITTER and sparkle! (eek!)  

If any of you are around the area I highly suggest you go check this out! More info here!  

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!



Boho Monday.






Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! It is BEAUTIFUL weather outside at last today and I am taking full advantage of this sunshine! I woke up this morning and automatically knew this hippy boho vibe pull over was just the thing for the day.  Since I haven’t gotten a base tan just yet I didn’t want to bare all, so this look was just the right balance between skin and cover.  The jean shorts an an old style from Lucky Brand Jean and I have worn them probably a million trillion times, but they are just too easy to pop on!  They are a loose fit, so I’m not restrained and incomfortable with the wearing denim in the heat feeling, all while having a bit of a character with the adorable pop of color with the pockets poking through. The top is also a classic Lucky Brand look.  The two together pull off a perfect fit fr the springtime sunchine! You all have seen these fabulous boots on this blog before, but I just can’t helpmyself, they were too cute.  The laces called to me!

Have a happy Monday everyone! How are you enjoying the springtime?



Sunday Sunnies

Hey everyone! So as I’m approaching the end of my finals I figured I just leave a quick tiny post.

I’ve basically been living inside working on all my projects so I was so happy to spend a little time outside in the sunshine today! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and if you’re in the middle of finals good luck! The summer is almost here! 



Snake Skin Skinnies




Hey everyone!! How have you all been? I hope your spring is starting out lovely!  I have been craming (as usual) with projects and finals within these next 2 weeks and it has been crazyyy.  Today was a casual day in class where I actually wasn’t going to be elbow deep in printing inks and paints, so I finally took the opportunity to put on some gold chain accessories and a pair of my all time favorite skinny jeans!

These snake print jeans are the brand Flying Monkey.  I bought them 2 years ago actually but they have not failed me yet when it comes to an easy-to-wear solution to a casual look.  They add a pop of fun to an outfit and can be dressed down as I did with a basic t-shirt, or even dressed up for a night out! What do you think?

The accessories are my go to essentials.  Of course I am rocking my layered necklaces,because, well they are practiacally engravied into my skin at this point in time! I added my classic gold watch from Guess. How would you jazz this outfit up?

I hope you all have a great weekend!



Happy Easter! 

 Happy Easter everyone!! Just a quick little update on my morning since its been hectic as always in our household as I’m sure many of you can relate to! 

Although my brothers and I are now older and no longer follow the belief that a gigantic bunny trespassed into our home to leave candy and hide some fun egg treats,  we definitely still continue with the decorative spirit of the holiday! I made these gorgeous metallic coated eggs sprinkled with glitter with my mom over a glass of champagne!  Adult treats are almost more fun than candy, but why not mix both right?? 

Spending time on holidays with the family is always rewarding when we all get to gather together (including our beautiful puppies! Lilly makes the perfect snapchat fluffy bunny, no? 😉 ) 

I hope you all who celebrate this holiday enjoyed a nice Easter brunch or dinner with you’re loved ones today! 



ps guys I’ve been keeping up with the Cinch Polls app and have been asking for your opinions on my everyday style choices!! Please download it and check out my polls! 

Coral Color Feeling

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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Hey everyone!! So today I snapped a few photos on my rush to my morning class of my outfit. Honestly today’s look was one of those moments that happens to fall together last minuet. I usually like to plan an outfit in advance so I have ample time to prepare myself for my look and don’t waste my morning as to get every last second of sleep possible.

Anyway, this outfit came to be in a manner of simplicity. The base of my look is a simple black T-shirt and jeans and my oh so favorite black basic boots. One of my seriously all time BEST winter accessories is my black long best. This thing is awesome!! With the wool material it’s warm enough that I can layer it over practically anything for a chic wintery look and provides endless and endless options!! I got it at Gypsy Warrior a few years back so unfortunately it’s not in stock any longer.

My other jacket that I’ve layered under is another pieced I fell in instant love with when I found it. This is a coral leather jacket and it is absolutely perfect. That’s it. Perfect. The color is gorgeous, the fit is adorable and it looks great alone or layered. I think the color is something that is important to pop into a winter look these days when we all feel down and gloomy. Once I threw this on this morning I instantly felt better about heading out for my day! It’s crazy how simple things like color and clothing can make us feel so jittery and happy–or at least for me!

How are you all brightening up your winters??



Art Bloggin’


Heyy everyone!! First of all, I’m sorry my posts have been on the delayed side lately! I have been going crazy with school projects and classes the past week, but I plan to get organized and back on my routine so I can update this way more frequently.  Secondly, Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Although personally I’m most looking forward to watching the Puppy Bowl and dying over their adorable faces…that and the amazing food oportunity this day offers 😉

Anyway, as part of my work I’ve been busy trying to set up my blog for my personal art work! yay.  This is definetly long overdue so I just sat down and got it done the other night.  Please go check out my work on the page at Amanda J Art & Design!  Some of the pieces are super old and some a faily new.  I plan to keep updating the galleries on the pages, so if anyone has any interest in my work let me know!  I’d love to hear feedback and answer any questions you have!

Happy Super Bowl everyone!



Casual for Class




IMG_2559 (1)

Heyy everyone! Happy hump day!  So, today was my second full day of classes for the semester.  Since I am a visual art major I am taking mostly all studio classes.  They usually range from lasting 3 hours meeting twice a week or 6 hours long once a week, so it’s definitely a time commitment on top of completing all the projects and work.  It is all worth it in the end, however since I love what I do with art!

With that in mind, my days start pretty early in the morning and I’m out all day long.  I try not to let the early morning slump get to me with my outfit choices.  That plus the terrible cold can really change the idea of putting  on a real cute outfit and not a cozy pair of sweats…but I do my best to combat this temptation!

This morning I had my design class.  I chose to go basic and comfy.  I am wearing simple skinny grey jeans from Nordstrom’s BP department.  They were given to me as a hand me down from my mom so I can’t say when she bought these, but they are totally awesome.  They are comfortable all day long and the material is soft and lets me move easily in the studios.  I also paired it with this “wonderland” hoodie. This fell into my wardrobe also from my mom (lucky me! she’s about the same size as me when it comes to clothes and our style is similar. I don’t have a sister to share with so I’m thankful for a stylish mom around my home life!)  Our puppy, Maggie, had gotten a hold of one of the sleeves on this sweatshirt and torn a hole.  My mom handed it to me for some DIY emergency operations.  I placed a patch of flannel fabric in a blue shade over the hole  and stitched it up as good as new!  Now it is one of my favorite basics to throw on in a hurry.  I find it looks particularly cozy when a flannel button down is thrown on top of it for some layers.  This one is from Uniqlo a few years back and is actually from the men’s department! Flannels are PERFECT to buy from the men’s side of the store.  They are perfectly oversized, comfy and often cheaper!  I highly recommend glancing over there next time you’re on the lookout for a new one.  My booties were present of a Christmas past and the brand is Madden Girl, but I can’t say where they were purchased.  I like that these are not a combat boot–I never seemed to pull off that style very well and rock it just right.  These are a nice low height so my leg isn’t chopped up, and they are flat so I can move around fast and easy all day long.  I’m on my feet a whole lot in my classes so cute flats are a must have!

How do you all dress for your working and class days? Comment and share!!