Cooking Croissants in the City!




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Hey everyone! So today’s post isn’t focused on fashion but something else I have a deep love affair for…FOOD!!  My mom is a serious baking addict and I have always stood by her in the kitchen and lent a helping hand.  She is a food lover like so many of us are and passed on this gene to myself.  For a Christmas gift this year I decided to buy her a cooking class on how to make croissants from scratch!  I think a gift of spending a fun day together can sometimes be the best kind.  

We went into the city early this morning for the class and had an awesome time! There were only 3 other people attending plus us two so we got to ask some baking questions and get really hands on which was great!  We learned how to make the dough, the technique, and all about the method of these delicious treats!  It turns out they are much more work than we realize as we devour these tasty pastries.  My appreciation for  those who make bread and dough went wayy up today as I kneaded and kneaded for that perfect consistency.  

We were able to make 3 options with our dough.  A classic croissant with not filling, a ham and cheese filled savory option, and my favorite, chocolate filled!  We of course added some extra shinny sugar to the tops of these ones!

The class was a total of 3 hours, but it totally flew by and was so much fun!  Once baked, gooey and warm, my mom and I decided to grab a cup of tea and go and savor the freshly baked deliciousness before we brought the rest home to the house where they are sure to disappear fast!

My mom loved her day and can’t wait to look into further classes and expand our baking love!  We will be attempting the recipe at home shortly I’m sure!  

Happy, tasty food wishes and love to you all!



A Day in the Park







Hey everyone!  How’s the week going so far?  So these pictures are from the beginning of December and I hadn’t gotten around to sharing them just yet since they had been hiding in my iphone storage for so long I completely forgot about it!!  This day was a gorgeous semi-chilly day in Central Park!  We decided to take our two lovely ladies Lilly and Maggie into the park for a walk and get them out for some new smells and stimulation.  (That puppy has A LOT of energy!)  

I decided to wear a simple,warm outfit this day which I shared a little bit of earlier on this blog focusing on my key pieces, such as my shearling jacket which I found at a local consignment shop.  This jacket kept me warm and cozy and had enough room to fit an over-sized men’s wear sweater beneath.  I strongly believe there are several items women should be buying in the men’s sections of stores and over-sized sweaters is one of my all time favorite ones!  The one I wore is actually an old V-neck from ages ago that my Dad no longer found suited his style so I snagged it for myself.  I literally wear it ALL the time in the winter!  It gives the right relaxed and cozy winter look and is so easy to wear.  I paired it with simple blue jeans and threw on my coat and was ready to go!

Central Park is truly one of my favorite places.  I absolutely love going to explore and walk through the winding paths.  There is so much beauty within this area of the city that draws all types of New Yorker’s, tourists and people from all over, especially while the leaves are changing and winter approaches.  You can find something exciting and unusual around every corner and path in this park as you stroll along.  I also love walking down the mall and seeing the sketch artists!  Some people have such an amazing talent that they work so hard everyday performing for the public in this place.  I know, not everyone is dazzling in the art world, however it’s nice to stop and let yourself engage for a moment with any type of art!

From the Central Park Zoo to just simply people watching as you go along, this is one of my all time favorite ways to spend a free day.  I’m very fortunate to be able to access New York City so easily! 

What are some of your favorite places to spend the day?



Killer Heels










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Hey everyone So today was super awesome! My birthday was the beginning of December, but Jason had wanted to take me to see the amazing exhibition going on now at the Brooklyn Museum of Art as a celebration but we never really got around to it until now.  He also is headed back to school tomorrow where I stillhave a week left home, so it almost turned into a really nice last day together before he heads off and we go back to the LDR.  

Anyways, the exhibition is called Killer Heels.  It features amazing designers from Prada, to Alexander Mcqueen, legendary designer’s shoes that are truly artwork are on display.  Women can gain such an amazing feeling by wearing a good pair of shoes, I know I can! Sometimes when you slip on a pair that is just right to complete your outfit, you walk around working it, and can feel as if you just transformed into a badass female with the confidence of a VS runway model.

This exhibition featured sooo many amazing shoes! I chose a few of my favorites to display for you all.  Most of them I admit are Christian Louboutin. I just can’t help myself.  There’s something so fixating about that powerful red sole that gives you such a confident and empowering feeling.  What an iconic shoe it is with that beaming splash of color that represents so much more to women than a simple shoe.  

Another thing I found super coolin there was the pair of shoes that was all 3D printed!  As you can see in the pictures it is made of several parts laid out in front of it and the shoe is entirely printed together.  I don’t know how a 3D printer really works, truly it amazes me that we have such incredible technology at this day and age, but these shoes are cut out flawlessly and I would pop em on my own feet if I could! 

Lastly, of course we had some time to kill before we were heading out to dinner at one of our favorite sushi restaurants, so we explored some more of the museum and snapped a few fun photos!  I love exploring any museum, it is always one of my favorite days when I get the opportunity to.  I encourage everyone to go out and explore your local ones as well, there’s so much they hold even if you’re not a total art-geek like I can be sometimes!  

Hope you all love these shoes as much as I did and are inspired to get out and explore your local exhibitions!  Which ones are you’re favorites?!



On a Pink Streak



Hi all! As you all might know the cold weather has been harsh lately and can really drag down your spirits.  I try all I can to keep myself upbeat and running throughout the winter, knowing I am definitely team sunshine and summertime when it comes to climate.  So how does one brighten up a dull dark winter? Add some COLOR!  I’ve always wanted to play around with the hair trends and put something fun into my look and I figured why not now in these dark days, right?!

I went to the salon this morning with the intent of getting a dye job.  I was pretty much set on a light pink perfect hue, although it was not what I imagined.  My stylist had told me often the light pink will wash out and dull easily, so I was ready to settle for a deeper shade.  

While awaiting the color mix, another stylist suggested the solution of a bundle of colored hair extensions.  I thought about it for a moment because my heart was so set on a specific pink shade and it being MY hair for some reason, however as I thought about this option it seemed to be almost wayy better. Here’s what I learned from the salon on why:

– The extension’s color will not fade with washes! Unlike the dye that would most certainly only last utmost a week.  

– The extension can be removed at any time! For example, if there is an occasion I can’t have colored hair any longer it is soo much easier than re-dyeing the hair itself

– Also, the damage is WAY worse for my personal hair to dye it.  The process involves bleaching out the bundle and my hair being very thin and prone to breakage wouldn’t hold out very well or remain healthy with that process. 

So basically, I decided these bright magenta strands were perfect for me!  They brighten up any look with my favorite color especially when I’ll be feeling dreary on these chilly winter days.  I’m very pleased and excited to show off these new additions.  What will be next….would glitter extensions be pushing it I wonder?? 😉 

Hope you’re all staying cheerful and bright this winter!



ps- my camera hasn’t been working properly unfortunately so I apologize for the low resolution from my iphone’s camera! hopefully I’ll resolve this soon and be back to better quality shots! 

Keep Busy in the Cold




Hey everyone! So I don’t know about you all, but up in northern New Jersey it has officially gone freezing.  I’ve been hibernating inside as much as I possibly can the past few days and knowing that tomorrow will be just as cold, I plan to cozy up with a blanket and some tea! The first half of my day today, however was a calming manicure and pedicure to defrost my toes from the frostbitten weather.  I wore my neon high socks for a blast of color and my favorite cheetah wellies on the way there to block out the weather.  I was desperate for this being that I don’t get around to it too much while I’m living at school always making my hands messy with projects and lack of spare time to do it myself.  It was well worth it this morning, although my feet did feel like my toes might turn to ice in those flip flops.  I’m so impatient waiting for them to dry in the salon so I get in the car and blast the heat on them to keep myself from going numb.  Price of beauty right?

One other thing I enjoy doing recently inside away from the cold is flipping through a recent gift from Christmas, a book on the Louvre and works of art held within.  I am an art history minor along with a major in visual arts. (Specifically design as my concentration)

I actually have studied in abroad in Rome for art history so this is a subject I just genuinely enjoy sitting down and reading a little bit about to waste some time on a terrible weather day.  There’s something about the stories behind old works of art and all they can tell us that fascinates me. I haven’t been to Paris yet, however and would LOVE nothing more than to see the city, style it holds, and this amazing museum! From culture, to history art is something I just can’t seem to get away from in my life and I definitely don’t want to.  I also don’t mind relaxing and reliving some memories of Rome when I was there in the summer and beautiful sunshine!  That was one of the most life impacting experiences I’ve had thus far and I am so fortunate that I had that opportunity at a young age.  

I hope you all are keeping busy and warm while this cold front settles in!



Recap on NYE







Happy New Year to all!! Here is a recap of my New Years Eve night and what I decided to settle upon wearing.  This evening was a whirlwind to figure out between outfits, where to celebrate and who to ring in the new year with! I finally settled on this sequin crop top (forever 21, although not shown on the website I’m sorry!!) and decided to pair it with a simple charcoal jegging and leather jacket for some edge.  I also wanted to make this post fun and flashy…just how New Years Eve is! What better way to do so but to cover things with glitter?!?!  I’m so thankful for 2014 and all the people who have been with me through the ups and downs (including my favorite guy featured here 😉 )  I hope you all had a fantastic year and I look forward to the future and sharing it with everyone!

I hope there was plenty of love, smiles and of course GLITTER in your new years parties and celebrations!  Keep dreaming and striving for your goals this year in 2015!! 



Thoughts on New Year’s Eve Attire




So with New Year’s Eve right around the corner I’m beginning to think about every item of clothing I own that has glitz and glam to it! I only am showing these 3 at the moment since they are my most recent additions to the collection and I am battling with myself internally on the perfect outfit for the evening still without giving it away just yet!

 These cropped glitter tops are just SO much fun! And these covered in sparkle shorts just call my name! There are SO many choices of sparkle and shine to go through still, however,I just don’t know where I’ll end up with all this quite yet…stay tuned for the final outcome of this difficult outfit choice approaching soon!

How are your New Years outfits coming along?



All Laced up in boots & a Vintage Coat!






The winter weather can be unmotivating in so many ways.  The cold air and winter winds can definitely be a mood damper and cause us to reach for the tempting pair of cozy sweatpants and a hoodie look.  With this in mind,I chose to combat this inner feeling,as hard as it was, and put together an outfit that was cozy, casual and easy-to-wear!

I found this vintage oversized shearling jacket in a local consignment shop and HAD to have it! Shealring has been pretty much trending all over this season so I jumped when I found this.  It has just enough wiggle room for a cozy sweater to be worn beneath it or as many layers as needed to fight off that winter chill.

These adorable lace-up boots were another birthday gift I had received and I have basically been living in them on a day to day basis.  They are so easy to zip up and go and add just the right amount of cute detail to any outfit.  They tie together (lol pun intended) any simply look all on their own! How do you all dress for the winter cold?

Stay Warm! xxo


About Amanda


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Hi!! My name is Amanda and here’s a little bit about myself and the start of this personal style blog!  I’ll admit it, I have been a fashion blog addict for some time now.  It has become a daily routine for me to wake up, grab that morning coffee/ tea cup and dive into the world of these blogs.  I love being able to see others personal styles that range from all kinds of personalities.  It’s fortunate we are able to see all the fun fashion brings to so many people all over the world with the use of blogging!  I decided now (after nervously debating to myself over some time) that it’s about time I let my own personal style be shared too.
If I were to say one rule I follow in fashion it’s to wear what YOU want because it makes YOU happy.  Be confident and sparkle everyday! Follow me along as I open up my style closet with you all.
P.S. I can never get enough Glitter!