About Amanda


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Hi!! My name is Amanda and here’s a little bit about myself and the start of this personal style blog!  I’ll admit it, I have been a fashion blog addict for some time now.  It has become a daily routine for me to wake up, grab that morning coffee/ tea cup and dive into the world of these blogs.  I love being able to see others personal styles that range from all kinds of personalities.  It’s fortunate we are able to see all the fun fashion brings to so many people all over the world with the use of blogging!  I decided now (after nervously debating to myself over some time) that it’s about time I let my own personal style be shared too.
If I were to say one rule I follow in fashion it’s to wear what YOU want because it makes YOU happy.  Be confident and sparkle everyday! Follow me along as I open up my style closet with you all.
P.S. I can never get enough Glitter!