DIY Glitter Travel Mug!

Hey all! Okay I am super excited about the latest DIY!  It is super easy and you are going to love the results! Here we go: a DIY travel floating glittering mug! 

Who doesn’t need this in their life?  We’ve all been there in the morning, late, rushing, no time to sip your favorite caffeinated beverage.  So you have no choice but to take it along that drowsy commute.  You reach for a disposable paper cup with just as much dullness as the sleepy zombie persona of those who are non-morning people.  

Brighten up your morning (literally) with this DIY!



  • Glitter of your choice
  • Clear tacky glue
  • water
  • Travel mug with a removable inner cup (not sure if there is an official name for these, but they are found at a local craft store such as Michael’s!)

Let’s get started.

  1. Remove cup inside.
  2. Fill base of cup with water about 3/4 of the way that will fit your cup, this will take some experimentation so I recommend filling the water without glitter or glue to make sure your happy with the measurement.
  3. Add a bunch of tacky glue! This will take up the rest of the 1/4 of space needed but don’t stress about exact measuring, it’s adjustable!
  4. Get Glittery! Add you favorite mixture of glitter into the cup and stir vigorously with the water and glue!
  5. Insert travel mug inner piece into cup of glitter mixture.  **this WILL be messy, find a sink or outdoor setting!** You will loose some of your water mixture so there is room for the inner mug, but its totally alright!  It gives the glitter just enough space to be able to float and dance around!
  6. Screw on the inside mug super tight!! You won’t be opening this again, unless you have a desire to change the inside mixture.  
  7. Fill with your favorite morning beverage and get out there and sparkle!!


I am in love with my mug currently, and hope this DIY is helpful for you all! Let me know what you think!



Snake Skin Skinnies




Hey everyone!! How have you all been? I hope your spring is starting out lovely!  I have been craming (as usual) with projects and finals within these next 2 weeks and it has been crazyyy.  Today was a casual day in class where I actually wasn’t going to be elbow deep in printing inks and paints, so I finally took the opportunity to put on some gold chain accessories and a pair of my all time favorite skinny jeans!

These snake print jeans are the brand Flying Monkey.  I bought them 2 years ago actually but they have not failed me yet when it comes to an easy-to-wear solution to a casual look.  They add a pop of fun to an outfit and can be dressed down as I did with a basic t-shirt, or even dressed up for a night out! What do you think?

The accessories are my go to essentials.  Of course I am rocking my layered necklaces,because, well they are practiacally engravied into my skin at this point in time! I added my classic gold watch from Guess. How would you jazz this outfit up?

I hope you all have a great weekend!



Coral Color Feeling

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Hey everyone!! So today I snapped a few photos on my rush to my morning class of my outfit. Honestly today’s look was one of those moments that happens to fall together last minuet. I usually like to plan an outfit in advance so I have ample time to prepare myself for my look and don’t waste my morning as to get every last second of sleep possible.

Anyway, this outfit came to be in a manner of simplicity. The base of my look is a simple black T-shirt and jeans and my oh so favorite black basic boots. One of my seriously all time BEST winter accessories is my black long best. This thing is awesome!! With the wool material it’s warm enough that I can layer it over practically anything for a chic wintery look and provides endless and endless options!! I got it at Gypsy Warrior a few years back so unfortunately it’s not in stock any longer.

My other jacket that I’ve layered under is another pieced I fell in instant love with when I found it. This is a coral leather jacket and it is absolutely perfect. That’s it. Perfect. The color is gorgeous, the fit is adorable and it looks great alone or layered. I think the color is something that is important to pop into a winter look these days when we all feel down and gloomy. Once I threw this on this morning I instantly felt better about heading out for my day! It’s crazy how simple things like color and clothing can make us feel so jittery and happy–or at least for me!

How are you all brightening up your winters??