A Whimsical way to Upgrade Your decor 

Hey everyone! So naturally in the summer time, we try to get outside and soak up all that good feeling sunshine as much as we can! One spot I absolutely love to relax in is an outdoor porch or patio, decorated with the perfect whimsical decor to fit your summer time vibes! 

Although, sometimes to find the perfect whimsy items you may just have to DIY!! That’s right, one of my favorite things to do! So for a few items I’ve decided to give a makeover, I thought what easier way than to use basic acrylic paint. It dries like its a plastic and also fast, so it’s a super simple way to jazz up any old dingy knick knacks you might need to. 

Paint can be used on so many items, even some you may think are trash. Like maybe all those used up empty wine bottles from last weekends summer soiree.  Why not turn them into something that gives a colorful splash to your atmosphere! 

Take a look at a few things I decided to make over, maybe they will inspire you to see some things in a new light. I used some old wine bottles, and a rusted up chandelier to brighten up a new summer time table setting. 

The steps are simple:

1. Find something that could use a revamp in style 

2. Gather paints of any colors you want!

3. Get painting & go wild! The more colors, the more whimsical your environment can be! 

4. Let dry & love! 

I hope you like this little tip so if you’re going to take anything away from this post: don’t underestimate the power of paint! 




Art Bloggin’


Heyy everyone!! First of all, I’m sorry my posts have been on the delayed side lately! I have been going crazy with school projects and classes the past week, but I plan to get organized and back on my routine so I can update this way more frequently.  Secondly, Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Although personally I’m most looking forward to watching the Puppy Bowl and dying over their adorable faces…that and the amazing food oportunity this day offers 😉

Anyway, as part of my work I’ve been busy trying to set up my blog for my personal art work! yay.  This is definetly long overdue so I just sat down and got it done the other night.  Please go check out my work on the page at Amanda J Art & Design!  Some of the pieces are super old and some a faily new.  I plan to keep updating the galleries on the pages, so if anyone has any interest in my work let me know!  I’d love to hear feedback and answer any questions you have!

Happy Super Bowl everyone!