DIY Distressed Boyfriend Denim

Hey everyone!! Welcome back to Eat Your Glitter.  Things have been insane lately, but I am gaining some more free time and will be on a more frequent update to the blog schedule soon!  In the meantime, I NEED to share the latest DIY project!

So I found these old boys jeans hiding in the depths of what I call a closet, and I seized the opportunity for a crafty upgrade!  Similar to how I DIY-ed my black skinnies (see post here about it!)  I took the same method and hacked away at these til they came out JUST how a distressed boyfriend jean should!

They are durable for work, since I always am COVERED in acrylic paint, I don’t mind dirtying them up a bit, and they are the perfect weekend go-to casual look!

Let me know what you think!


Amanda diyboyfriendjeans


Art Miami New York Fair.



Antonio Marra -Side 2
Antonio Marra – Side 1
Mr. Brainwash





IMG_3836  IMG_3855 

Heyy everyone! Happy Friday!! I hope you’re all doing well! For all of you Art savy NYC locals, you may have known yesterday about these huge art fairs happeningaround the town.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my first (yay!) at the Art Miami New York Fair down on pier 94 as a VIP guest and it was soo awesome! 

Of course, the moring preparing for this event was to me,an imporatnt outfit choice day.  Duh. I wanted to look stylish, clean and have an art edge all at once.  I turned to white jeans automatically thinking they would give the right vibe for such an occasion.  It was a little chilly yesterday so a jacket was definitely in need and I know you might have seen this one before on me, but I can’t help myself.  The color is so perfect!! Plus I want to wear it as much as I can before we officially are in summer mode. The combination of leopard and coral makes my heart flutter. These two could possibly be my favotire things to wear…like ever. Aside from sparkles.  If those three are in one outfit its the trifecta of outfit heaven! 

There were SO MANY artists it was so overwhelming to strollthrough this huge space and stumble upon so many amazing works of art from so many talented people.  Being an art student myself, I must say the inspiration level was high.  One of my favorite artists there was Antonio Marra’s paintings.  Go check them out, SO cool. 

Anyway strolling through the various gallery areas with Jason, we were totally outnumbered by the socialite status of all the buyers, dealers and just plain ready to spend a pretty penny on a piece for themselves.   Never seeing an art fair for myself before and being acustomed to the gallery or museum scene, it was a transforamtion to see art in such a way that people saw the pieces as a part of everyday business and profit situation.  I guess they try to steer you away from that thinking in the art school and leave that to the business school goers. 

Overall, however I took my college lever art eye to the works and loved every moment of it!  It was a great way to expand my knowledge of whats out there for contemporary artists and what posibilities are held in the future.  There was also, to my delight, a large number of works that the artist involved GLITTER and sparkle! (eek!)  

If any of you are around the area I highly suggest you go check this out! More info here!  

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!



Art Bloggin’


Heyy everyone!! First of all, I’m sorry my posts have been on the delayed side lately! I have been going crazy with school projects and classes the past week, but I plan to get organized and back on my routine so I can update this way more frequently.  Secondly, Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Although personally I’m most looking forward to watching the Puppy Bowl and dying over their adorable faces…that and the amazing food oportunity this day offers 😉

Anyway, as part of my work I’ve been busy trying to set up my blog for my personal art work! yay.  This is definetly long overdue so I just sat down and got it done the other night.  Please go check out my work on the page at Amanda J Art & Design!  Some of the pieces are super old and some a faily new.  I plan to keep updating the galleries on the pages, so if anyone has any interest in my work let me know!  I’d love to hear feedback and answer any questions you have!

Happy Super Bowl everyone!



Killer Heels










IMG_2445 IMG_2440







Hey everyone So today was super awesome! My birthday was the beginning of December, but Jason had wanted to take me to see the amazing exhibition going on now at the Brooklyn Museum of Art as a celebration but we never really got around to it until now.  He also is headed back to school tomorrow where I stillhave a week left home, so it almost turned into a really nice last day together before he heads off and we go back to the LDR.  

Anyways, the exhibition is called Killer Heels.  It features amazing designers from Prada, to Alexander Mcqueen, legendary designer’s shoes that are truly artwork are on display.  Women can gain such an amazing feeling by wearing a good pair of shoes, I know I can! Sometimes when you slip on a pair that is just right to complete your outfit, you walk around working it, and can feel as if you just transformed into a badass female with the confidence of a VS runway model.

This exhibition featured sooo many amazing shoes! I chose a few of my favorites to display for you all.  Most of them I admit are Christian Louboutin. I just can’t help myself.  There’s something so fixating about that powerful red sole that gives you such a confident and empowering feeling.  What an iconic shoe it is with that beaming splash of color that represents so much more to women than a simple shoe.  

Another thing I found super coolin there was the pair of shoes that was all 3D printed!  As you can see in the pictures it is made of several parts laid out in front of it and the shoe is entirely printed together.  I don’t know how a 3D printer really works, truly it amazes me that we have such incredible technology at this day and age, but these shoes are cut out flawlessly and I would pop em on my own feet if I could! 

Lastly, of course we had some time to kill before we were heading out to dinner at one of our favorite sushi restaurants, so we explored some more of the museum and snapped a few fun photos!  I love exploring any museum, it is always one of my favorite days when I get the opportunity to.  I encourage everyone to go out and explore your local ones as well, there’s so much they hold even if you’re not a total art-geek like I can be sometimes!  

Hope you all love these shoes as much as I did and are inspired to get out and explore your local exhibitions!  Which ones are you’re favorites?!