WTT…Shoulder coats?

Okay, so some of you may agree with me, some of you may not.  Here is where we draw the line of two kinds of ladies in the world:

Those in favor of the wear-your-coat-on-your-shoulders-because-you-saw-Kim K-do-it-so clearly-you-have-to


All those average normal ladies who can freaking appreciate the meaning of wearing-your-coat-like-a-human-should-because-its-*FFING-cold sometimes.


I know,I know, I know; we are going into the summer season, and don’t worry I have a thought for the latest summer trends as well, but can we please just talk about this for a hot second.  WHO in the freaking fashion billion dollar industry, decided it is cool & trendy to wear your billion dollar coat casually thrown about your shoulders as if you were too messed up or lazy to find it’s well sewn arm holes at 6:00pm on a Wednesday??

True, fashion sometimes is not all about practicality, and as an artist of sorts, I can support such matters, however this trend just grinds my north eastern jersey bred winter girl gears.  Have you even lived a full North Eastern Winter, NYFW goers? Have you?!…we are not known for the most romantic scenery of sorts anywhere from December-April/May.  So with that in mind, why on this earth are we not wearing our coats to their full potential?

coral coat

image source

Aimee, I love your style so so much and I admire your fashion blogging career, but would you honestly  not be more comfortable wearing your perfect coral leather jacket displaying the fit the way it was MADE to be worn? Like maybe you did put your arms in the holes after the camera shot this…I hope.

image source

LITERALLY ^ this girl is wearing a fur layer under her exterior jacket layer.  That just sounds like a lot of effort no?
I just…don’t understand.

Finally, this trend has actually gone to the extend that somewhere out there a designer discovered they could make a jacket  *~appear~* as though the coat was draped ever so nonchalantly, and so the cape blazer was born.

image source

I don’t know about you all, because this seems to have been a trend that set sail before I could climb on board the ship, but this trend is one I am hoping will not remain popular among the fashion forward community.

In the words of the famous Edna Mode, “NO CAPES.”

image source

That is all.

What do you guys think? Are you team cape jacket, or are you team arms exist?  Let me know, real talk.







DIY Distressed Boyfriend Denim

Hey everyone!! Welcome back to Eat Your Glitter.  Things have been insane lately, but I am gaining some more free time and will be on a more frequent update to the blog schedule soon!  In the meantime, I NEED to share the latest DIY project!

So I found these old boys jeans hiding in the depths of what I call a closet, and I seized the opportunity for a crafty upgrade!  Similar to how I DIY-ed my black skinnies (see post here about it!)  I took the same method and hacked away at these til they came out JUST how a distressed boyfriend jean should!

They are durable for work, since I always am COVERED in acrylic paint, I don’t mind dirtying them up a bit, and they are the perfect weekend go-to casual look!

Let me know what you think!


Amanda diyboyfriendjeans

Diamonds & Rosé…

“Life isn’t always Diamonds & Diamonds & Rosé, but it should be!” Okay sure I’m quoting Lisa Vanderpump, but she’s not wrong about that! I think what better way to live your best life than by owning the things you love, and I happen to love sparkly things & wine!

These designs are available NOW for your purchase! Check out my official site for details on how to get your hands on one of these & many more designs!

I’m also still pursuing any custom orders, so please shoot me an idea if you ever need something colorful, fun, or sparkly designed just for you!! I’d love to collaborate with you!

Let me know what you think!



Diamonds & Rosé Vneck
Diamonds & Rosé Sweatshirt
Diamonds & Rosé Clutch

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Season…





Hey everyone!  It’s finally full swing of fall and that means one thing…boot season! I don’t know about you all but this time of year is probably one of my favorite things if we are going to have no choice but to transition into chilly weather.  So naturally I’ve been on the hunt for those perfect pairs for the season.  Like many of you out there, I’m sure you have seen the coveted Stewart Weitzman about-the-knee and thigh-high suede dream shoes literally all over everyone’s feet for like, a year now.  Well,those aren’t exactly a price-range of a shoe that the average girl just trying to live her day in a cute way can handle.  With the inspiration in my mind, I hunted around for some boots that gave me a similar look and what I discovered is amazingg!!

These boots are by Ivanka Trump and they have literally saved my craving for suede.  I slid these on my feet and knew that these were the perfect pair.  The olive color is so pretty and fitting for this time of year, but is still neutral that I can mix it up with some other items.  (I can’t wait to experiment with outfits!)  

It’s the little things in life that make me happy, and finding the ideal boot is definitely one of them! 

What do you all think? What are you’re favorite boots of the season so far?



Instagram Update




Hey everyone! Happy Fall! I don’t know about you all but this only means one thing in my mind: The Season of Boots is upon us. YES. This season brings so much.  Great hair days with low humidity, the ability to wear just a sweater and jeans and not feel like tiny freezing knives are attacking you down the street(looking right at you North Eastern winters), and the oh so special moment we all feel when we slide on that particular pair of boots that makes us feel unstoppable. Personal favorite latté or seasonal drink is an optional accessory.  

Anyway, until it becomes just the right temperature for this wonderful time of year I figured I’d post my recent instagram looks for those of you who haven’t been following along with me there.  You should though, instagram is so fun and expressive daily, I’d love to connect with you all! 

In the past few weeks of September it’s still been pretty warm where I can wear shorts so I tried to take advantage of this in my looks! I did throw on some distressed skinnies for the 1st day of fall, however I did regret it when it hit 80 degrees in the sunshine here.  

I look forward to sharing some awesome fall fashion with you guys! What do you think, are you ready for the Godly season of boots and jeans??



Floral Slit Maxi





Hey everyone! How have you all been lately? Busy? Same. I have recently picked up an internship helping out a local boutique with social media (www.albaboutique.com check them out, they have spme grate things to shop!) on top of my part-time job so I have been running around like crazyy day &night…literally.  

With this kind of schedule I need types of clothing that are appropriate and stylish to wear to intern in the morning and then run immidiately like a mad woman to my job in the evening-night shift where I am positively going to get paint on some part of my body.  What could possibly be easier to wear than a maxi dress? Almost nothing.  This dress is from the brand O’Neill and a few seasons ago, so I don’t know if this exact style is still around anywhere.  However, I love this brand and others similar to it for the summer.  All the items are easy to wear and light weight for the heat. It doesn’t cling to the body as the summer humidity attempts to melt you away.  It pairs perfect with flip flops or sandals and makes a great all day outfit to run around in,whatever you may have on your agenda!

Hope you all are staying cool and having fun out there!



Distressed Denim & a Cozy T-Shirt




Hey Everyone! Happy Summer! Or as the calender tells us it is….the weather around here the past few days has been anything but summer time fine.  Gloomly clouds and rainy skies have filled the air lately. With this kind of set up I figure it is appropriate to take advantage of the time I can to wear these distressed white skinnies!  As I finally have a day off from work and won’t be working with paint, it is a great day for me to break out some crisp clean whites! 

I paired these classics with another of my all time favorite go to shirts.  This shirt from Vans is SO COMFY. I am sure you all have that super soft-easy to wear-give me a hug type tshirt hiding in your closests. I’m here to tell you it is the BEST item to over-wear and rock all the time, es pecially on a day off from work or a weekend full of to-dos.  Nothing is better than running errands in a breathable cotton t-shirt that won’t give you none of that sass as you wait in that absurdly long Starbucks line for your mid-day pick me up.  

Enjoy your Thirsty Thursday everyone! It’s almost the weekend! 



Nike Favorites.


 Hey everyone! Happy Thirsty Thursday–almost the weekend and the start of Memorial Day Weekend! 

My summer start has been lazy and slow which is always nice, however I like to keep busy and get out of the house, and our dogs Lilly & Maggie love going for a nice walk to help take care of that. Even though Lilly is getting older and would prefer to simply cuddle some days, it’s good for her! 

Anyway, since I plan on working out usually later in my day I figure it’s easy to just throw on my work out gear and be prepared…one step closer to actually working out! 

Two of my favorite items are Nike Free style running sneakers and their work out leggings!! They are both insanely comfortable to move around in all day and during a hard work out! Highly recommend this brand for all your athletic needs. 

Time to get a nice walk and work out in before the holiday weekend! Hope you all have a great one! 



Boho Monday.






Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! It is BEAUTIFUL weather outside at last today and I am taking full advantage of this sunshine! I woke up this morning and automatically knew this hippy boho vibe pull over was just the thing for the day.  Since I haven’t gotten a base tan just yet I didn’t want to bare all, so this look was just the right balance between skin and cover.  The jean shorts an an old style from Lucky Brand Jean and I have worn them probably a million trillion times, but they are just too easy to pop on!  They are a loose fit, so I’m not restrained and incomfortable with the wearing denim in the heat feeling, all while having a bit of a character with the adorable pop of color with the pockets poking through. The top is also a classic Lucky Brand look.  The two together pull off a perfect fit fr the springtime sunchine! You all have seen these fabulous boots on this blog before, but I just can’t helpmyself, they were too cute.  The laces called to me!

Have a happy Monday everyone! How are you enjoying the springtime?



Sunday Sunnies

Hey everyone! So as I’m approaching the end of my finals I figured I just leave a quick tiny post.

I’ve basically been living inside working on all my projects so I was so happy to spend a little time outside in the sunshine today! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and if you’re in the middle of finals good luck! The summer is almost here!