DIY Glitter Travel Mug!

Hey all! Okay I am super excited about the latest DIY!  It is super easy and you are going to love the results! Here we go: a DIY travel floating glittering mug! 

Who doesn’t need this in their life?  We’ve all been there in the morning, late, rushing, no time to sip your favorite caffeinated beverage.  So you have no choice but to take it along that drowsy commute.  You reach for a disposable paper cup with just as much dullness as the sleepy zombie persona of those who are non-morning people.  

Brighten up your morning (literally) with this DIY!



  • Glitter of your choice
  • Clear tacky glue
  • water
  • Travel mug with a removable inner cup (not sure if there is an official name for these, but they are found at a local craft store such as Michael’s!)

Let’s get started.

  1. Remove cup inside.
  2. Fill base of cup with water about 3/4 of the way that will fit your cup, this will take some experimentation so I recommend filling the water without glitter or glue to make sure your happy with the measurement.
  3. Add a bunch of tacky glue! This will take up the rest of the 1/4 of space needed but don’t stress about exact measuring, it’s adjustable!
  4. Get Glittery! Add you favorite mixture of glitter into the cup and stir vigorously with the water and glue!
  5. Insert travel mug inner piece into cup of glitter mixture.  **this WILL be messy, find a sink or outdoor setting!** You will loose some of your water mixture so there is room for the inner mug, but its totally alright!  It gives the glitter just enough space to be able to float and dance around!
  6. Screw on the inside mug super tight!! You won’t be opening this again, unless you have a desire to change the inside mixture.  
  7. Fill with your favorite morning beverage and get out there and sparkle!!


I am in love with my mug currently, and hope this DIY is helpful for you all! Let me know what you think!



DIY Distressed Boyfriend Denim

Hey everyone!! Welcome back to Eat Your Glitter.  Things have been insane lately, but I am gaining some more free time and will be on a more frequent update to the blog schedule soon!  In the meantime, I NEED to share the latest DIY project!

So I found these old boys jeans hiding in the depths of what I call a closet, and I seized the opportunity for a crafty upgrade!  Similar to how I DIY-ed my black skinnies (see post here about it!)  I took the same method and hacked away at these til they came out JUST how a distressed boyfriend jean should!

They are durable for work, since I always am COVERED in acrylic paint, I don’t mind dirtying them up a bit, and they are the perfect weekend go-to casual look!

Let me know what you think!


Amanda diyboyfriendjeans

Pineapple Parade Party!

Hey everyone!! As promised, I’m continuing to roll out new designs and ideas for you all to benefit from! The latest: Pineapple Print fun all over!  Since there is an expected blizzard in a few hours here around the North East, and I had just returned from Miami about a week ago, and it’s killing me slowly, I figured I should let out what my heart really wants.  And that just so happens to be bright colors and tropical fruits!

Also, check out my instagram for my adventures in the MIA!!

Check out the latest designs on my official website where there are some exclusive designs, or my Print All Over Me shop!!

WARNING: wearing these items may induce random dance parties.

Enjoy everyone, and please give me some feedback for anything you’d like to see! I am always open for freelance work, or customization!!

pineapple pink tshirt
Pink Pinapple Parade Tshirt
blue pineapple hat
Blue Pineapple Parade Hate
pink pineapple backpack
Pink Pineapple Parade Backpack
blue pineapple backpack
Blue Pinapple Parade Backpack




How Clutch…

AHHH I am cranking out these designs!  I hope you all are enjoying these little designs I have created for sale via Print All Over Me.  I would love to get some feedback from you all about these or anything else you might have in mind! These designs are available directly from the print all over me site, but you can also go over to the site Eat Your Glitter to see even MORE fun things to shop that are NOT included in the Print All Over Me store and are strictly created for the Eat Your Glitter site.  



Enjoy these adorable clutches that are perfect for storing all kinds of fun tiny cute things in from make-up, wallets, hair accessories or just straight up loose glitter supplies (what…? Doesn’t everyone have that…?) Let me know what you guys think of them!!



Apparel Design Progress!

Coming Soon….! SO I have been literally dying to share some of my many ideas for apparel production with you guys, and I think the time has come to start!

I have not created the items for sale yet, but I figured I’d throw out some ideas and get some feedback from you all!  These are simply mock-ups of what the product will look like once produced, so with that if you like any of these first 3 designs LET ME KNOW! And before we know it they can be purchasable items for you to rock all day long via   

getupdressup_mockup JPG Tequila Sunrise_Jumper JPG Jumper MockUp_Full On Monet JPG

All the illustrations and designs of these tops were done by me (Amanda) so if you like them SHARE with your friends. Share with your mom, share with your classmates, share with your dog.  I’ll make a pet version!

Please link back to Eat Your Glitter if you do choose to pass it around, and please let me know what you think of the mock-up versions so I can continue to move forward with the process of making this a real life thing! I have some more designs to come, and I’m really excited about the idea of producing them for everyone to access so leave any comments you’d maybe like to see, perhaps I can customize something for you!!