WTT…Shoulder coats?

Okay, so some of you may agree with me, some of you may not.  Here is where we draw the line of two kinds of ladies in the world:

Those in favor of the wear-your-coat-on-your-shoulders-because-you-saw-Kim K-do-it-so clearly-you-have-to


All those average normal ladies who can freaking appreciate the meaning of wearing-your-coat-like-a-human-should-because-its-*FFING-cold sometimes.


I know,I know, I know; we are going into the summer season, and don’t worry I have a thought for the latest summer trends as well, but can we please just talk about this for a hot second.  WHO in the freaking fashion billion dollar industry, decided it is cool & trendy to wear your billion dollar coat casually thrown about your shoulders as if you were too messed up or lazy to find it’s well sewn arm holes at 6:00pm on a Wednesday??

True, fashion sometimes is not all about practicality, and as an artist of sorts, I can support such matters, however this trend just grinds my north eastern jersey bred winter girl gears.  Have you even lived a full North Eastern Winter, NYFW goers? Have you?!…we are not known for the most romantic scenery of sorts anywhere from December-April/May.  So with that in mind, why on this earth are we not wearing our coats to their full potential?

coral coat

image source

Aimee, I love your style so so much and I admire your fashion blogging career, but would you honestly  not be more comfortable wearing your perfect coral leather jacket displaying the fit the way it was MADE to be worn? Like maybe you did put your arms in the holes after the camera shot this…I hope.

image source

LITERALLY ^ this girl is wearing a fur layer under her exterior jacket layer.  That just sounds like a lot of effort no?
I just…don’t understand.

Finally, this trend has actually gone to the extend that somewhere out there a designer discovered they could make a jacket  *~appear~* as though the coat was draped ever so nonchalantly, and so the cape blazer was born.

image source

I don’t know about you all, because this seems to have been a trend that set sail before I could climb on board the ship, but this trend is one I am hoping will not remain popular among the fashion forward community.

In the words of the famous Edna Mode, “NO CAPES.”

image source

That is all.

What do you guys think? Are you team cape jacket, or are you team arms exist?  Let me know, real talk.






Apparel Design Progress!

Coming Soon….! SO I have been literally dying to share some of my many ideas for apparel production with you guys, and I think the time has come to start!

I have not created the items for sale yet, but I figured I’d throw out some ideas and get some feedback from you all!  These are simply mock-ups of what the product will look like once produced, so with that if you like any of these first 3 designs LET ME KNOW! And before we know it they can be purchasable items for you to rock all day long via www.eatyourglitter.com.   

getupdressup_mockup JPG Tequila Sunrise_Jumper JPG Jumper MockUp_Full On Monet JPG

All the illustrations and designs of these tops were done by me (Amanda) so if you like them SHARE with your friends. Share with your mom, share with your classmates, share with your dog.  I’ll make a pet version!

Please link back to Eat Your Glitter if you do choose to pass it around, and please let me know what you think of the mock-up versions so I can continue to move forward with the process of making this a real life thing! I have some more designs to come, and I’m really excited about the idea of producing them for everyone to access so leave any comments you’d maybe like to see, perhaps I can customize something for you!! 



A Day in the Park







Hey everyone!  How’s the week going so far?  So these pictures are from the beginning of December and I hadn’t gotten around to sharing them just yet since they had been hiding in my iphone storage for so long I completely forgot about it!!  This day was a gorgeous semi-chilly day in Central Park!  We decided to take our two lovely ladies Lilly and Maggie into the park for a walk and get them out for some new smells and stimulation.  (That puppy has A LOT of energy!)  

I decided to wear a simple,warm outfit this day which I shared a little bit of earlier on this blog focusing on my key pieces, such as my shearling jacket which I found at a local consignment shop.  This jacket kept me warm and cozy and had enough room to fit an over-sized men’s wear sweater beneath.  I strongly believe there are several items women should be buying in the men’s sections of stores and over-sized sweaters is one of my all time favorite ones!  The one I wore is actually an old V-neck from ages ago that my Dad no longer found suited his style so I snagged it for myself.  I literally wear it ALL the time in the winter!  It gives the right relaxed and cozy winter look and is so easy to wear.  I paired it with simple blue jeans and threw on my coat and was ready to go!

Central Park is truly one of my favorite places.  I absolutely love going to explore and walk through the winding paths.  There is so much beauty within this area of the city that draws all types of New Yorker’s, tourists and people from all over, especially while the leaves are changing and winter approaches.  You can find something exciting and unusual around every corner and path in this park as you stroll along.  I also love walking down the mall and seeing the sketch artists!  Some people have such an amazing talent that they work so hard everyday performing for the public in this place.  I know, not everyone is dazzling in the art world, however it’s nice to stop and let yourself engage for a moment with any type of art!

From the Central Park Zoo to just simply people watching as you go along, this is one of my all time favorite ways to spend a free day.  I’m very fortunate to be able to access New York City so easily! 

What are some of your favorite places to spend the day?