WTT One Pieces! 

Hey everyone! It’s time for another What The Trend! Where I share thoughts and ideas on the latest trending things you all love!

Today, I’m talking the dreaded topic of bathing suits. I know we all struggle to find that perfect fitting piece that will give us the confidence to remove our beachy cover-ups to the world, and sometimes a bikini just is NOT going to happen.  With that in mind, I am so exited how the timeless one-piece bathing suit has come swinging back into style! Whether your a monokini fan, or a classic bombshell there is no shame strutting your one piece on that beach!
I have searched far & wide for one that I was willing to pay a reasonable price point and that would meet my dreams of perfect detailin & I have finally found it!!

This black/ strappy item was on sale so I just couldn’t say no! It is by Blue Life Swimwear which is carried a bunch of different places, so get out there (or google) to your hearts desire! There’s tons of swimwear sales going on since we are finally approaching fall, but there’s still so much time for beachy & pool fun!

I think these styles are here to stay! So grab your favorite piece and hit the beach!

Let me know what you all think about these suits!




How to Fight Evil on Vacation


Okay fine, so it’s not a villain coming to rob your local bank, BUT it is a crule fate I’m sure many can relate to. I’m talking about those nasty, dirty, no good unwanted Vacation pounds we can somehow let ourselves slide into gaining while we sip away on margaritas and good times. Blissfully unaware of the fate at hand…. Have no FEAR. I’m here to share some of my favorite tips on how I combat these pesky pounds! 

While I’m away and at the beach, I often spend most of the time with my Mom, so she has definitely imprinted her fitness habits well. She’s one of those insanely into fitness and I’m thankful for it people. Although I can’t keep up with all her vigorous routines, I definitely have my own take on what she’s taught me, so keep on scrolling and I’ll let you in on the secrets! 


HERE it is, Amanda’s Healthy Vacation Tips: 

1. I’ll start with the main and holy grail of keeping in check while I’m away……WALKING.  WALK. EVERYWHERE. FORGET CARS ARE REAL. 

You do not have to be one of those people who decides all the sudden upon arrival to the beach that running is a great idea. If you have not been running in your routine regularly this is simply not going to be a fun past time for you.  This seems like a great thought to burn those cocktails off…. until you can’t breathe, and have pulled muscles, and shin splints and need a bucket of ice as a bed just to get to sleep the next day. 

Seriously, walking is an extremely great alternative. Walk to the store, walk down the beach, walk to dinner, walk your dogs, walk up stairs, WALK. Point being, you really have to keep active during your day to maintain calorie burn and making yourself use your feet instead of your car is a great solution! Even adding a bike ride in there if you’re into that sort of thing will be a great and fun way to see your surroundings while burning off last night’s rosés.

2. You do not have to eat out ALL the time. Especially if you are at the beach, or in a place where fresh food is easy.  I highly encourage going to a local fish market where the fish is literally caught like that day and grabbing a healthy dinner you can prepare! Making your own food if it is a weekday or even special weekend meal really helps watch what your eating while away. You know exactly what you put into the food this way and know exactly what your body will take away from earring it! Restaurants are known for those hidden extra calories, even when ordering a salad. (dressing must always be your side bitch. Not the main bitch. Bye bye high calorie ceasar) 

3. Which is my next point, if you do eat out at dinner don’t be shy about menu questions!! If you want to watch what you’re eating, it really helps to ask the waiter how something is prepared. Don’t be fooled by a fish sandwich mascarading around on the menu and end up with a breaded, fried greasy meal with fries on the side. If it comes with those suckers (damn they’re delicious) ask to have them not served with your meal or if the fish can be grilled! I know myself, if fries are in front of me I’m going to have to eat some, so say no, they’re only using you anyway, they’re like”you can’t eat just one,right?” God how needy. Bye Fry guys. 

4. Snack carefully! There are an insane amount of temptations around when you’re on a vacation. If you’re in a place with a kitchen and a fridge, load up on healthy snacks that will keep you satisfied when you’re feeling the urge to nibble. Apples, nuts, fruits, greens, the healthy list goes on! (currently I’m crushing on celery stalks with hummus& just a dash of hot sauce!!)  Fatty and sugary foods like greasy chips and sugary candy or funnel cake will leave you endlessly eating and overall unsatisfied leaving you to go for more food. Toe body will crash and your energy will plummet which is NOT what you want when you are trying to enjoy a fun getaway!

5. Okay so not exactly a tip but I figured this would help explain my points so here is a full Break down of my daily routine while I’m at the beach: 

8:00am: Wake up, I usually eat a yogurt (as pictured with banana🍌) with some fruit toppings or a handful of walnuts for crunch. I always drink black tea in the morning, I only treat myself to coffees on a weekend if I need extra boost! I also love to eat egg whites for breakfast. Protein packed and tastey. Just be sure not to overload them with butter 😦 I like them with tomatoes, avocado or spinach!

10:00am: I usually will take time to do a weighted toning routine to keep my muscle tone but I skip my cardio on vacations. ( due to all the walking!! That counts as cardio yay!) otherwise I always would! (Questions about my routine? Let me know!!)

12:00pm: I will probably have a handful of almonds or fruit if I’m hungry, my favorite snack right now are these Almonds by Diamond that come in a zillion flavors. The salt & vinegar are my weakness… But anyway then it’s time to go down to the beach!! Yay sunshine fun & salty air! ☀️🌊✨💃🏼

1:00pm: WALK WALK WALK yourself, allllll down the beach! We usually will take a quick paced walk down the beach for roughly 40-45 min or so. This is great for tanning your back if you hate lying on your tummy. See burning calories AND tanning!

2:00pm: Around now is usually lunch time! Lately I’ve been loving portabelow mushrooms stuffed with spinach & Parmesan. My mom and I will have something light like this when we are together. Others we enjoy include: Tuna (LIGHT on the mayo) and a few wheat thins, salad made at home(often she will make it without a dressing and it’s still so good, it’s all about finding flavors you love!) , hummus and carrot chips, ground chicken and peppers is a mixture we are loving right now!! Basically, anything with a little protein and nutrients to keep us satisfied but not over stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. Nothing oversized. (Sorry deli sandwich, no offense.) Essentially, don’t differ your meal plan completely just because you’re on vacation.  Stay true to your lifestyle! And then get back on that beach! 

3:30-4:00pm: I grab a small snack! Nuts, an apple, just a few bites of something SMALL to fill up and energize if I’m hungry. (BTW HYDRATE ALL DAY!!!! So important)

So now we WALK into town to do our errands on foot. This could be the food store, a shopping trip, sightseeing, anything just to move a bit. We get bored easily…it should be up to an hour on foot!

5:00-6:00pm: Depending on how long we took in town we’ll grab an iced tea, and we walk back home! It’s a solid 15 min walk at a fast pace. Then I shower the sand off from the day day before dinner.

7:00-8:00pm: If it’s a wine weekend night we eat some of the things I suggested in the tips (fish, shrimp is good, chicken, we try to stay light and yummy!) and have a few glasses of wine! (We don’t drink during the week usually at all Mon-Fri when I’m at home living or visiting from school, just special occasions and on vacations Thursday-Sunday) 

8:30-9:00pm: And after dinner, we stroll with our dogs. They need fresh air while the temperature is cool! But this helps us digest and move so win-win situation. 🐾

9:30-10:00pm: Depending on the night another glass of wine after the walk and then a movie or TV show to relax. Then I’m so exhausted I literally pass out. From all the walking of course. 

So that’s my personal vacation tips! I am NOT a fitness expert and I’m not certified, I’m working on my own body everyday. 🙂 

I follow a different routine when I’m at school so if you’re interested let me know!

I’m not a perfect fitness model of course, but I love to live a healthy & active lifestyle and I encourage anyone who wants to be that way to get out and get active! 

Let me know what you think!