WTT White Jeans in the Winter?

Welcome back to What The Trend!  I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, but what better time to reconnect with old friends than around the holidays?!  

So today’s topic is something that I have been noticing that has been breaking the fashion rules. Wearing white jeans in the winter.  So like any fashion loving styling abiding citizen, my initial reaction to seeing this was “WHATTT in the style world are you doing! The style gods are shunning you!…..or are they?”  After letting this trend settle in, my eyes adjusted.  Seeing many bloggers and style icons pull of this look with a classic pair of OTK boots, my style rule book readjusted.  

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Check out this babe rocking winter white like a pro!  Winter white can be one of the hardest looks to pull off.  I believe this look takes some serious pre-planning.  Finding just the right shade of white to complement the outfit is the key to this trend.  

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Blogger, Sydne Style, is rocking this look.  The monochrome blend of black and white becomes a classic look rather than an off season faux pas!

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And finally A Southern Drawl blogger, Grace Wainwright, found the perfect shade of suade to pair with this transitional look into the colder months.  

Feeling style inspired? Me too, until I attempted this look and felt my fashion genes (see what I did there? 😉 ) had betrayed all my trendy knows.

So, if you are thinking of attempting this trend, here are my final tips on rocking the winter white jean:

  1. Find the Perfect white jean for YOU.  Finding jeans can already be a daunting process so if you don’t already own a pair that you know look killer on you, maybe this trend isn’t worth spending the money on the 2-3 times you may be wearing it this winter. 
  2. TRY IT ON BEFORE you are rushing around with 5 minutes in the morning and decide this is the time to explore your trend setter side.  This could lead to panic and late Monday morning havoc. 
  3. If you don’t have the pairings, this look could easily look like a mistake.  Tall boots, suede materials, a cozy sweater are all things that pull this look into a winter vibe.  Without these things put together, the jeans will stand out and begin to look out of season, making the style gods right….and I sure hate when other people are right. 
  4. Have fun & follow your inspiration!  If you see a blogger, friend or style icon rock this trend follow what they do! Observe how they pulled the look together and then compare it to your own closet.  If you don’t own those excessively expensive Stewart Weitzman OTK boots, don’t kill yourself forcing the trend.  

Okay so to sum things up, this trend is a style RISK!  I am all for supporting breaking the style rules, but be true to you and your closet!  I can say as a babe on a budget that this one isn’t worth breaking the bank for.  

So, if the jeans fit, rock ’em!



Beach Bum Days.

Hey all! I know it’s been crazy forever since I’ve posted but it’s time for a summer catch up! Thank you to each of you who take your time to read my thoughts and see what I share with you all, it means so much!! So, it’s finally summer beach days for me! After working crazy all summer it’s finally time for a much needed getaway and where I’m from we like to call this going “down the shore”, DTS when texting to meet up with your besties. 

When I’m at the beach it is full on beach bum mode. ZERO make up, zero attempt at hair styling. Just pure unadulterated embrace of the salt air, sandy toes and sun crisp skin. 

The colors in this look I put together are a typical scheme for me, however they are killer with that summer tan…and a drink in your hand. (Preferably a nice rosè to match) 

So this bikini is super old, and I have no clue where I found it. But if a classic isn’t broke why fix it right? I just love a typical string bikini, that screams beach babe to me. Paired with these American eagle shorts and my favorite reflective aviators from express, the colors really pop and play with each other! 

Of course when the sun sets, Maggie is a big fan of sprinting all her energy out on the beach and Lilly is happy to take in that ocean air by your side. What could be better than this? 

How are your beach days?? Have a great summer weekend everyone!