WTT Floating in Florals

Hey Everyone, it’s finally full on SPRING TIME.

I don’t know about you, but I have hung up my down jackets and shoved my winter blues into a dark place for the next few months.  Finally, it’s warm enough to rock those open toe booties you’ve been dying to break out since January.

With spring as any season comes trends, so it is time for another WTT!  Today I’ll be discussing something groundbreaking….florals. I know, right Miranda? Related image


Anyway, this season, it’s not just about adding a pop of flowery fun to your outfits, but rather about making your entire ensemble a growing garden. Let’s begin shall we?

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Okay so, although the runways were beaming with bold, vibrant versions of this trend, you may be thinking, nah not for me.  Hang tight, because I do believe it is possible to pull this look into normal-person mode for the streets.

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Here, Christina from The Boho Flow is totally rocking this trend.  The two piece she found is pulled together  and is not outrageous for a daily outting. The floral pattern doesn’t scream out too loudly, and she even managed to pull in a SECOND trend by layering those fishnets. YASS GIRL.

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I’m a big fan of matching two piece outfits in general, so making them vibrant and covered in a pattern of sorts is basically demanding a chunk of my latest paycheck. Anyway, they’re super easy to navigate on days when my mind does not want to work too hard at finding an outfit, and they still look polished and complete. Anything to make a Monday morning run smoother, and I’m in.  So here, with the pant and jacket combination you can even pull off office-chic trendy any day of the week.

ESC: New York Fashion Week, Street Style

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Natasha Goldenberg, Russian style icon and journalist brought this trend right down to the streets in her two piece suit attire.  This is also a great way to bring this fun vibe into a professional appearance, but will also make you stand out in a sea of black blazers.

Maybe we can’t all afford those pricey accessories that she’s toting along, but the center piece (lol get it….like a table flower center piece)  of the look keeps the trend spirit strong within us.


Let’s explore some more realistic styles to get shopping!

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LuLu’s has this blue hued beauty set that is definitely wearable right away! You could even take a leather jacket (as see previously) and layer if it’s a bit too chilly for bearing all arms still.

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Be a boss babe in this suit from ASOS.


Honestly, sometimes Forever 21 is worth taking a deep breath and browsing through.


Thank you for reading if you stuck with me through all those patterns and prints. General synopsis for those skim-readers: Florals are fun. ~*Spring into it*~

Puns are fun also.

Love Ya, Mean It,


Boho Monday.






Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! It is BEAUTIFUL weather outside at last today and I am taking full advantage of this sunshine! I woke up this morning and automatically knew this hippy boho vibe pull over was just the thing for the day.  Since I haven’t gotten a base tan just yet I didn’t want to bare all, so this look was just the right balance between skin and cover.  The jean shorts an an old style from Lucky Brand Jean and I have worn them probably a million trillion times, but they are just too easy to pop on!  They are a loose fit, so I’m not restrained and incomfortable with the wearing denim in the heat feeling, all while having a bit of a character with the adorable pop of color with the pockets poking through. The top is also a classic Lucky Brand look.  The two together pull off a perfect fit fr the springtime sunchine! You all have seen these fabulous boots on this blog before, but I just can’t helpmyself, they were too cute.  The laces called to me!

Have a happy Monday everyone! How are you enjoying the springtime?



Snake Skin Skinnies




Hey everyone!! How have you all been? I hope your spring is starting out lovely!  I have been craming (as usual) with projects and finals within these next 2 weeks and it has been crazyyy.  Today was a casual day in class where I actually wasn’t going to be elbow deep in printing inks and paints, so I finally took the opportunity to put on some gold chain accessories and a pair of my all time favorite skinny jeans!

These snake print jeans are the brand Flying Monkey.  I bought them 2 years ago actually but they have not failed me yet when it comes to an easy-to-wear solution to a casual look.  They add a pop of fun to an outfit and can be dressed down as I did with a basic t-shirt, or even dressed up for a night out! What do you think?

The accessories are my go to essentials.  Of course I am rocking my layered necklaces,because, well they are practiacally engravied into my skin at this point in time! I added my classic gold watch from Guess. How would you jazz this outfit up?

I hope you all have a great weekend!